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DTCC Digital Assets' solutions enable increased liquidity by expanding access to new private market assets.

  • About

    Capture the growth in private markets, expand investor access, and unlock the value of digital assets with DTCC Digital Assets' Capital Markets Platform.

    Launch a marketplace for private tokenized assets

    • Raise capital more quickly via compliance aware tokenization
    • Expand market reach to new registered and qualified investors
    • Integrate end-to-end lifecycle management

  • Benefits

    Speed time-to-market

    • Rapid security issuance and allocation to investors
    • Automate compliance for onboarding, transfers, reporting


    • Create new digital asset classes and broaden investment options
    • Innovate and automate financial processes with smart contracts
    • Deploy new user experiences built on speed, efficiency, and access

    Improve transparency

    • Asset Information with proof of sustainability embedded in tokens
    • Immutable record of ownership
    • Issuer maintains transparency into investor base, including with secondary trades

    Increase global liquidity

    • Access more investors through a shared global ecosystem and infrastructure
    • Foster secondary markets

    Automate clearance and settlement

    • Improve trade efficiencies —T+0, fast transfer of value, reduced costs

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